Debt Collection

In these recessionary times more and more people are pursuing outstanding Invoices through the legal system. The best advice that we can offer to people who find themselves with unpaid Invoices is not to delay in taking action. Most people feel that taking legal action should be the last resort and almost all will advise that they were hoping to sort the matter out themselves. This is understandable given that business people will attempt as best they can to preserve relationships with customers. However, if someone owes you money you can almost always guarantee that you are not the only person that they owe money to.

If you delay in taking action against a debtor, then you could potentially be diminishing your chances of recovering the money owed to you. For example, if a company owes you money, they may go into liquidation and in those circumstances you will most likely be asked to join the queue with a long list of unsecured creditors. By the time Revenue and secured creditors such as banks are dealt with, there may be very little in the pot to satisfy your claim against the company.

If you take immediate action, whether it be a simple demand letter or if needs be issue Court proceedings then you will stand a better chance of recovering your money. By securing a judgment against somebody who owes you money, you will have achieved a certain amount of security and you will be dealt with in priority ahead of other unsecured creditors.

Hassett Considine Solicitors have extensive experience in advising clients in relation to debt collection matters. Please call us in confidence if you wish to instruct us to recover any outstanding debt on your behalf or if you wish to obtain general advices in relation to this matter. Our telephone number is 065 6865480 in Ennis and 065 9051588 in Kilrush.


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